Monday, December 21, 2009

Pangkor..Good bye...

Just got back to work from an ok vacation at pangkor...i've yet taken the pictures from my buddies so no pictures right now...sorry aite..
Its sweet thought but i just hated little jelly fish at pangkor..(huh a menance to my swimming at the beach..) Not just that but to some food stall there...
I should of expect that the price for foods there quite high but come on!! a plate of kailan goreng with 7 - 10 of kailan leaves is for 6 ringgit!! damn!! But what to say (dah makan pon) they take high price but the best thing is the people there is nowhere near richness...but its okay as i already had a lot of fun there..

P/s : Don't worry i'll download the pictures i've taken nanti aite!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sakit selasa..sick = M.C.

Elloooo....i just got back my groove today due to a little flu & fever yesterday..
Sometimes i just dont understand about my body...(thats why they called Allah greatest creation..if not there is no human aite?)...
In the morning after seeing the doctor i had some craving for roti canai..(ahahahah terok time sakit ngidam roti canai) so straightly after that with all my might i drive to the usual stall that sell my fav. roti canai..but i was on the bad luck i guess when the stall is no longer open..
But no worries as my second fav. stall is open..(to my relief sampai 5 keping!) The brother that makes the roti looks a little pelik at first and maybe after hearing a little snorting..he understood..heheheheheh

Saturday, December 12, 2009


A bit tired today thought..due to heavy sk8boarding..(huish..heavy as in overdose..)
gone back straight to shah alam at 3 a.m. from putrajaya skatepark...

Slept for what maybe 2 or 3 hours then wake up to go to work....if not i will probably still sound asleep right now kot??..or maybe at arena watching the skate comp held there???

But something kept ringing to myself about my phone...i wanted to take pictures of me doing some tricks but my hella nokia have a minor problem when taking pictures, It tend to get i might probably needed to buy a digital camera..but the question are...

If i buy a camera...does it takes a pictures like the sony handpone cybershot?? means it will not go blurry ke??

But i cannot resist the price tag for nike sb dunk low..adeyh...this is a confession of a kick-a-holics / Shoe-a-holics...not shopaholics thought..hahahahahah..*sigh*

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Independent stage 10 truck...

I love this truck sooo much..Why?? because it felt so much suitable for my style that is very new to skateboarding...

The positive side of the trucks is its easy to grind and quite durable..

Even with less wax on the trucks it works nice! Except for the shape of the trucks its quite new but eventhought like that its a breeze when your doing some grinding...

But watchout...i felt something sketchy when trying to grind round rail with it...and the problems is you maybe need to change their bushing bcoz it comes with complete soft bushing...

i'll give it a 9.5 out of 10 for the trucks..
So..Happy skateboarding yo..

competition on the kick #ss rail of S.Alam sk8park

So come one come all to the competition aite!...if ur not competing then just come to have some fun ok?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tampa AM 2009 Results guys!!

Tampa Am 2009 Finals Contest Results

Luan OliveiraSponsors: Flip, Globe, Volcom, Flip Wheels, Matriz Skate ShopHometown: Porto Alegre BrazilNotes:

Ben HatchellSponsors: Zero, C1RCA, BonesHometown: Houston TXNotes:

Nick TuckerSponsors: SK8Mafia, LSLV, Bones, FKD, Silver, Street Machine, DVSHometown: San Diego CANotes:

Jack OlsonSponsors: 3rd Lair, Volume Skateboards, Osiris (flow), Bones, NeffHometown: St. Louis Park MNNotes:

Chris MendesSponsors: Emerica (flow), LRG, Banned Board Shop, Mountain Dew, Silver, FKDHometown: Moreno Valley CANotes:

Felipe GustavoSponsors: Plan B, Silver, FKD, Bones wheels, es Footwear, Nine Star Skate Shop, LRG (flow)Hometown: Brasilia BrazilNotes:

Ron DeilySponsors: Zoo York, Vans (flow), Red Bull, NJ Skateshop, Matix (flow)Hometown: Union Beach NJNotes:

Shawn HaleSponsors: Ergo, 5Boro (flow), Vox (flow), Indy (flow), VU Skate ShopHometown: Joplin MissouriNotes:

Mark SuciuSponsors: Etnies (flow), Habitat (flow), Bones Wheels, Force, Elm Hats, Atlas Skate ShopHometown: Saratoga CANotes:

Clint WalkerSponsors: Birdhouse, Dekline, AmbiguousHometown: Altus OKNotes:

Adrien BulardSponsors: Autobahn Wheels, Nike SB, Quiksilver, Hawaii Surf Shop, enjoiHometown: Rouen FranceNotes:

Kevin RomarSponsors: Kr3w (flow), Blind, eS (flow), Furnace, Venture, BonesHometown: Cypress CANotes:
What Do You Think of These Results? Discuss...