Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Struck by The Stylistics

Surfing the net as always my FB, Youtube and vimeo when i stumble upon a gatsby commercial.

Takuya Kimura where he dance here and there with the gatsby's moving rubber series..
What made me interested to it is the commercial song..

It sounded like this "iii...can give u Gatsby....Gatsby..Gatsby" ( Yerp i know my voice suck just bare with it)

Just because of that i search like hell about the song and found out thats its the cover from
The Stylistic-- Can't give you anything (But my love)

I know the song like old enough to be my grandpa but it's catchy tho'..

Hear it first then feel me!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sushi King?

Sushi King...why oh why unagi?

Unagi sushi is not a halal food after years of eating sushi and the most delicious one is unagi and now they tell me it's actually not Halal??

What the hell has JAKIM do in the past years people ate sushi? It's show the unprofessional side of them doing their work..

So next time be very conscious when eating sushi...

got the info from here and from their outlet..thankfully they put the warning signs of non-halal products

Friday, October 1, 2010

Kesyukuran di Bulan Syawal

The title has some significant to me...

Abah doesn't have to go his cardiac surgery..


The Doc just clarify that my Abah's cardiovascular has been in a stable and healthy state after his last Angiogram..

And Its Friday peeps!