Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do upon Us...

....Last friday my cousin passed away because of a gruesome accident...

It was a sad incident tho' uncle aunt face...when i look at both of brings me back to the feeling of my late sister..nearly the same..death happens to people anywhere anytime...

He's just 19 and waiting for his stpm result yet...the same with my late sis..she's waiting for the final year result of her degree program as a teacher from primary to change to secondary school..

Oo God hopefullytheir both at peace...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pergi.... the house is full of anugerah juara lagu songs...maybe because the fever of juara lagu did not end up yet...
Heheheheheh...why did i say that? well its because in the morning already the tunes from most of my mates kept playing the songs from aizat - pergi , yuna - dan sebenarnya and until situasi by bunkface..i know the song pergi wins AJL but sudah2 laaa.....Even the alarm clock is the playing the same song..adeyh..
Well...i was hoping yuna would win but she got 1st runner up is bless for a newcomer aite..
congrats yuna & the band!

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Deck..New Trick..

New Deck!!..err not really new..i bought it at wheel love subang last year on the 29th of December guys could say its the new year decklah...but one thing is i really love chocolate skate deck..and when i say love..i really love it so much...
The problem is this deck has a traditional deck it is not posible to be abused..when i say means high and long and large gap tho'..
The best thing is when i ride the deck i've learnt new trick with it..the backside half-cab(if the trick is pronounce wrong..sorry!) and fakie shuv-it..maybe i was meant to ride this deck kot??hahah but...if anything happen..where the hell am i searching for this kind of deck again??...adeyh...
P/s : Kalau aku rs nak mkn sumthing...aku mmg terok gile punye ngidam...mana nak cari kaki ayam dgn cendawan cina yg sedap??(ngidaman terbaru!! Well aku mmg suke mkn kaki ayam)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nothing unusual happened to me this lately..meaning thats good..same old same old..(yeah i get it...) only my cousin came to my house yesterday just to lepaking and chit chat saying that hopefully he will get a job here at bangi after his practical..
But these 2 days..i got a craving with cheese a lot..i dont know why...but have you guys ever try mixing kaya with cheese..aha! i've done it on tea yesterday..the taste were not so bad try again..
Then maybe because i was bored enough that i tried mixing tuna with scrambled egg and some grated cheese..the taste is quite like im eating a tesco pizza..(well not that good lah of course)..try it yourself guys..if you dare!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!! Yehuuo!!

Anew years has come upon us again...i am grateful that i am still alive to be living until this year and always hope the best to my buddies everywhere and my family and myself...hopefully lah...that the journey to my life will be as better and good...thanks to my buds out there for helping me all the time when I'm in u guys!! my family of course and my blog buddies hopefully u guys will prosper in anything you do!!

WELCOME 2010..and 2009 you will always be missed!!