Monday, May 24, 2010

Street League Of Skateboarding

Whoa!! At last skateboarding has started to be inside a league of professionalism!!
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Currently after the cap craze right now i had a little craze for beanies..Why? Because first of all my hair is getting longer and i still wanna keep it and 2 at the office the air cond is freezing like hell...except when im outside i dont wear it because it's hot as the weather does not permit it wearing the beanies outside other than freezing place..hahahahha!! So right now im a little crazy about beanies and if you want to check it can check the beanies fashion line at or or badger malaysia aite!!
p/s - For the exact kind of beanies you guys could checkout solewhat cause the beanies ere are from originalfake collection..

Thursday, May 20, 2010


For these past 2 weeks i've been residing at I.J.N just so that i could accompany mak and abah..And considered by that ,Yesterday abah has sucessfully done the angioplasty or PTCA surgery with an additional stand inside his heart..Alhamdulillah..
In these past 2 weeks i've made friends with the security and some of the patients family here..some are from nearby place some are even from afar...example Kelantan..It's like a string of fate actually..befriending because of what happening to me and their family has somewhat give me faith to abah healing and my friends dad at I.J.N...Hopefully both of our father will be okay..Insyaallah...

Friday, May 14, 2010


Lately i'm having a super duper turn down in my heart...When mom called saying abah has been warded for heart attack...fotunately the doctors at the hospital quickly send him to IJN in the evening..
I was a rather afraid there might something bad happens to abah..alhamdulillah after the endogram and endoscopic done by the doctor, Abah is now in a stable condition...
Allahuakbar...i cannot think straight because of the things happen but Allah knows better..Hopefully abah will be okay and kickin it!! Right now im just waiting if theres anything more needed to be done rather than waiting for ages here...
One thing for sure the nurses here are likes cuties...huhuhuhuhuh...then one of my pakcik suddenly hurles a question"emm comel2 nurse kat sini...ko xnak try ke??" Hampeh..he should be the one inside not abah...tapi betol jugak cakap die...but right now i'm really thinking about my family..

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Just lepaking around the house after i got home from work yesterday and just wanting to have a little rest as i'm already very the penat from my recent skateboarding activities last saturday until 5 a.m sunday you know..(marathon skate full day hokey!)
So when theres nothing to do around the house i did some laundry and watch tv..So i watched 'adamaya' again..and i remembered i usually watched this show and stop after since maya had been caught with dani..Huh..dani is really an airheaded person..
But usually as a man i'm looking at adam reaction towards maya on the series...Ohh if only i could have the strength like adam in the story...He still love maya no matter what hokey eventhought maya did what is wrong he still gave the chance and time for maya to change...
So adam i salute you and if only i could be just like you in the story...hahahahahah!!insyaallah!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Dulu opah ade je...time jatuh..sakit..opah tolong urutkan pakai minyak gamat..sakit ilang trus pi main balik..
Dulu slalu ikut opah pi tu pow opah beli ding dang xpon tora...tapi tu dulu ms kekecik..


Skang opah dah takde...opah da balik berjumpa Yang Esa...2 tahun lepas Nyah pergi..Opah pon ikut gak bezanye awal sehari...Tapi takpe..Orang tau Opah ada dgn orang yang baik2 insyallah...Dengan Atok, Nyah dan dgn Onyang..

Al-Fatihah buat Hajah Sintan Bt. Sahuddin 1919 - 2010..