Thursday, July 30, 2009


Actually not much for this saying...but yesterday i got some minor craving...
Nasi Beriani gam..(Nyum..Nyum..) Cant help it thoght its been a long time i didn't had the nasi beriani gam putrajaya...The best nasi beriani gam in K.L. Rather than others or mamak stall nasi beriani..hahahahaha...The best thing is its Herbal Mutton Curry...but nevertheless todays im going to get it..but after work laa...So nasi beriani i come!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

HO..HO..HO..Christmas in july..

Harghh!! My new deck already came...cant wait to test it..but hold on..the almost deck has not cracked yet..but its okay...i skate till drop larr this friday..

Yesterday i tried to find a suitable new phone in order to change from my previous one..
Shoot the one that i wanted the price is already up..

So..looks like i need to find a cheaper and simpler one...sigh..again..

Monday, July 27, 2009


Hate mondays...i think that the best saying for me for every monday ...laziness...and plus i am feeling a little bit like going to be sick..
I really hope not!..and by the to yasmin ahmad..may allah bless her soul...and hopefully there is another yasmin ahmad rather than another siti nurhaliza...(urghhh x minat lgsg dier..)
Ho ho salary is not in makes me a little piss off and sad...*sigh*
(i want to eat proper food!!!!!!!!)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

x games 15!!

The X Games, the premier action sports event in the world, will be held July 30 through August 2, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. The X Games features athletes from across the globe competing for medals and prize money in the following sports: skateboarding, motocross, BMX and rally car racing. Practice and elimination for the events will be held July 28-39, 2009. X Games 15 will be covered live on ESPN's family of networks, including ABC, as well as across ESPN's many digital media assets including and The event has been held in Los Angeles for six years, and will remain in the city through at least 2009.

Alright do watch it guys!! at any webcast tv..or malaysia astro espn i hope there will be the coverage...hopefully..

Friday, July 24, 2009

dayyyys...when it will be next week??

Next week hopefully my salary is in...(hopefully)..Its been a while that i have not eaten proper food because of last month overbudget...(sigh..:(..)
But the most is this month again i will be overbudgetting..thanx to my phone..i need to find a new one..(shit happens & happens again)

But hopefully i can manage this month...hopefully..(arghh..!!)

So for todays product review is...maybe it will be next week!!(actally my writers block for product review is coming...but next week there will be one..

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dried n tide...

Looks like some of my frens at bangi sk8park feeling a little dissapointed of me..bcoz i rarely skate with them nowadays...Its not like i got problems with all of them..but i am really sorry to guys who are a little dissapointed bcoz of me...i got some post disntant problems nowadays..

To my buddies there is a cause why i distant myself from you guys...but you all dont need to worry..its just me needed some retrospection of individualism...

Above all im improving my techniques on my own with my dont worry okay?

P/s : To , lan truskan niat and kuatkan semangat...OK! Klu niat nak blaja tu ada truskan!pape pun menagadap yg kat atas mintak petunjuk..(dah mcm ustaz la plak..HO HO HO)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Almost impact skate deck (cooper wilt)

The impact series by Almost skate deck i somewhat superb series and the best one i have ever had as a deck but..To be really honest there is some minor adjustment that can be done to the deck..

First of all

1)The wood - The deck wood should be improve more..this is because the moment 2 months times came for the tail started to be short..but i like the pop..except its tends to get short easy..

so i will give it 6/10

2)The Impact disc - I think this is da best technology for a deck!!i love it..eventhough i dont like go for gaps...except when i play like a hip transfer gap or so on..but the tech is good..two thumbs up

for the almost tech team 10/10 marks..

3)Graphic - simple and easy..for the impact series as always from the almost team..


4) Weight - Actually eventhough i like the deck but it somewhat a little if u guys skate streets its really suitable..8/10 (its because i skate pools and ramps)

But afterall its only my point of i hopefully the guys at almost could do better next time..Cheers & Peace!

ok ok...i know..

We all already know that today is thursday...but yesterday..i got a calling..for amuch awaited time what the hell am i going to do about my blog!! so the idea came yesterday...starting on wards once a week there will be a product review by me..what i used..and thigs i everybody can think it as a guide of buying something..but in my opinion hope fully its a good start for my for this week i will start with something ok?..but what is it??so waaaaaait..

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Worn out & Torn out...

Perghh...for today actually penat nak mampos!...smalam skate dari ptg sampai kul 1.30 pagi...(shit?! kan??)i thought of not coming to work today...but if not going to work..i will be bored the whole day...(phewww..!)so i came to work as usual...just doing the malas work of today...

But something chessy n cheeky happened to me yesterday...nak tau kena la tanye sendirik..HO HO HO!!cannot story in ere..panjang sangat...tapi sungguh x sangker??...
And already got some trick tips from i need to train the tricks more...except that my wish is to have the secret of skateboarding books...HUUUUUU...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Itssssssssssssssss...tuesday..luckily today i can get a hold of on the usual aunty siti nasi lemak...(ho ho ho..)but today i just take the fried egg only without any meat or chicken...but yesterday...after the guys came to skate..i started skating the's a hell lot of easier..and i hope i will get better on the ramps rather than the streets..and lan actually ask one of my shoelaces..but the prob is i search for's not the bulky type..(alamak!!)but it's ok la kot..hopefully he takes it..(sowiee)

Monday, July 6, 2009


Okay today its quite bbbooooring...maybe the weather kot...but after all the main
thing is i do my work as usual..luckily today the dogs neibour doesnt chase me again this morning...after checking out azlan blog..hmmm seems like i wanna have a dslr too...(ho ho ho dah keje nampak benda suke je nak beli)..tapi im quite glad actually..because last saturday night i can skate in pools..(agak kezut gak leh main kat pool..but at s.alam jer la...)thanx to alien and audi for the sedikit tunjuk ajar..heheheheh

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tired of tirednessssss.....

Today i'm quite tired for the whole day...maybe the cause is lack of energon cube...(like transformers la plak..)eventhought tiredness makes me sleepy..skate is a must...
But today after trying hard to land my kickflip..all of a sudden i get the physique needed to confirm the trick that i've been trying to do these 2 weeks..and i'm thinking of not skating ere there is somebody makes me piss off these days..hmm i just dont know what the cause it but what the long as my monthly salary is not like going down or up...i dont need to care...heheheheh..