Monday, November 30, 2009

Give me the POWER BALANCE!! the skatepark i has received my power balance card from mr.afad...

to my concern for this product is that i felt a little skeptic about it first..but after afad test the card on my relief...its useable and a very good has improved my strength and balance and also health...but its just usaha..yang di ATAS menentukan segalanyer...hopefully it last long and anybody in my office wants to buy adalah a little side income...

P/s : Dont ever watch senario 2...simply jokes didn't even make me laugh...except for a little grin maybe...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Semalam..yesterday..Gestern nearing...i will not going back to my hometown..looks like i will be celebrating haj at kl again this time..

Yesterday mum called..she said my younger bro has a bad exam result due to love affair..(wut?)
Mum ask me to come back to give him a little spank or wonder la my bro always a little afraid of me...but i already warn him not to make mum called me bcoz of his i maybe going home next month kot..(tunggulah...)

The best thing is my oldest sis has safely deliver her newborn baby girl at 9.00 a.m..
Looks like there an addition of nieces and nephews ( a proud uncle of 8 now!!)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Jangan tegur lagi...

Hahahahaha at first i thought its just any simple drama..but hell..i've got a little frightened from the series bcoz they do know how to make suprises in the drama...After that i quickly changed the channel to 8tv and what a relief..blogger boy is on air again...yeahuuu!!

Already miss them after the last episode...and they are back again...i just cant stand it when watching julia woon again...she's sooooooooo hot!! (pissssss.....!!)

p.s- heard tired of being terase nak berjoget..hahahahahahah!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Convocation!!

These are my convo celebration day at our to all this is the first time my face is included inside my blog..hahahahahahah
Its truly one of my memorable and unforgettable day...Sis this is for you....

Monday, November 16, 2009

Wow...a new skatepark at Singapore!

miniLSP preview Nov 1 2009 from lsp on Vimeo.

Looks like the skateboarding scene in singapore been given a higher upgrade..

For here...dont ever think so bcoz of the person upthere that is so sucking all the blood from the this what we call people first..achievement is compulsory??

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Holiday yang Best

Yesterday i skated at s.alam park all day...Thanx to my annual leave..HAHAHAHAHAHA!
But the best thing is i finally landed my kickflip!(hohohohoh bangga giler) The best one is i finally feel the urge of my skateboarding is being upgrade....

Theres another gonna miss my long hair thought...because i will be cutting it for my Convocation day...thanks to kekantoian from my buds at the payment for robe at the college...huhuhuh

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

DollSpace - The only place for Myspace avatars and MSN Dolls

Guys looks like im nearing my convocation Thanx all!!
And foremost tommorow i will be on my holiday!! Yeay...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sharing is caring..

Just wanna share this one song that i got from nocturnals video diary in her blog...
I followed her blog quite some time right now & her face is somewhat familiar...and she is like a rock star but i didn't really know her...but what the heck...(fyi...i hate watching tv..i mostly sit in front of my desktop watching youtube)

Athlete with the title 'Yesterday threw everything at me' is a must hear song...don't know about others but i certainly felt something itching in my mind and heart when i first heard the song from nocturnals blog...quite catchy and love able but maybe the lyrics got a double meaning when some
might say they means nothing...

But i loveeeeeee the song a lot and wanted to share it with you guys

Switch on the light
between each other
elevate it to your side
now im nervous
it's time to tell you honestly
so we can alter history

You are, first on my list,
When everything around is gone i know
You are, first on my list
When everything is shown up for what it is

Plastic flowers that fight for colour
Shadows floating on the ground, that always follow
Like international acclaim, it comes and goes never the same

You are, first on my list,
When everything around is gone i know
You are, first on my list
When everything is shown up for all it is

And i will run with you
sunlight will break into my eyes
And it seems like you plugged the world in
'cause sunlight is streaming from your eyes

You are, first on my list,
When everything around is gone i know
You are, first on my list
When everything is shown up for all it is

Let's take our time, won't change over night
we've got a chance we didn't have before
Let's take our time, won't change over night
we've got a chance we didn't have before

You are, first on my list,
When everything around is gone i know
You are, the first on my list
When everything is shown up for all it is

That is the lyrics...and this is the link if you want to hear it...

All in all i would like to give a big thank you to nocturnals blog....

Saturday, November 7, 2009

D' day coming

This 14th of november 2009 will be my convocation day..
Alas my wait is nearly over...the time has come for me to take my long awaited diploma..
the last 3 years has been quite hectic when a lot had become..the ups & down..

All i want to do is i dedicate my will be convocation day for my late sister..

Mrs. Jasmin Binti Jamil 21st October 1979 - 10th May 2008

You will always be in our heart & in our life..i foremost will always remember you & cherish the times when you always stand & be there beside me...

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I felt somewhat angry today bcoz of sumthing actually..but i cant recall what is it...
so let me be angry a little...GRRRRRRR...

Haa for now im loving the music from muse called uprising..
Whoevers has the feel to guys should check it out...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sunshine please shine today..

Its been a while the sun does not shine..
Making my life a bit bored..
With the basking life of a divine mind..
Seeking its light thru the cord..(whine)

Busy ants & bees..
making food for their family from west to east..
Even thought the sky is not at ease..
Family love is all for the heart to feast..

...What the hell am i thinking??...maybe just some simple and you could say rubbish wording..

it just somewhat im feeling rite hopefully there will be a rubbish wording from me again...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Yes Way!..

Salam...just a simple reminder and teller...


Okay2 i know you guys has been waiting the lights to be operational again...and thankfully last saturday the parks light has been alive & kickin again...

So..hopefully you guys can skate at the park wif us again...
just one thing...

New Kicks!--Globe Tilt from triple crown
Alas my wish & dream has finally came own a globe skate shoe....