Friday, November 26, 2010

..Not a very mature guy are you..


This really struck a little ache to my heart..

Even thought i am not a very-very-very young person,
sometimes a simple problem that comes upon me i can't handle it alone..

Even thought as a guy..i cried in my sleep..(i know its a not macho thingy but at least i admit it!)

So hopefully you guys could lend me an ear sometimes...and for those that have..i Thank you very much!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

KLCC pulooook

Sang balak curik kasut dvs tu kot..
" Aku bagi die pilihan dow..."
Aku suh die pilih aku ke KLCC
Die pilih KLCC Dow..Aku X penting..

Sang pempuan Yg Cair..

So..Bla2 here & there and they both kiss..and i meant french kiss..

Ooo how romantic....Romantic my shit!!

The funny thing is it in front of pay-ve..Yeah I know that love makes people blind but you can always search an alley or room rather of in front of the one of the busiest place in KL?

Maybe its because of our ruler or our system? Think it with your own brain...