Thursday, July 16, 2009

Almost impact skate deck (cooper wilt)

The impact series by Almost skate deck i somewhat superb series and the best one i have ever had as a deck but..To be really honest there is some minor adjustment that can be done to the deck..

First of all

1)The wood - The deck wood should be improve more..this is because the moment 2 months times came for the tail started to be short..but i like the pop..except its tends to get short easy..

so i will give it 6/10

2)The Impact disc - I think this is da best technology for a deck!!i love it..eventhough i dont like go for gaps...except when i play like a hip transfer gap or so on..but the tech is good..two thumbs up

for the almost tech team 10/10 marks..

3)Graphic - simple and easy..for the impact series as always from the almost team..


4) Weight - Actually eventhough i like the deck but it somewhat a little if u guys skate streets its really suitable..8/10 (its because i skate pools and ramps)

But afterall its only my point of i hopefully the guys at almost could do better next time..Cheers & Peace!

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